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State Use & Municipal Contracts

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Welcome to the Texas State Use Program, an initiative overseen by WorkQuest that is dedicated to transforming lives and communities. Modeled after the successful AbilityOne program, Texas is proud to be one of 12 states in the nation, and the second largest, committed to enhancing employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Our program offers a unique solution for state and municipal purchasing managers seeking a more efficient way to award contracts.

Our program, governed by Chapter 122 of the Texas Human Resources Code and supported by the Texas Constitution and Statutes, empowers state agencies to prioritize procurement from State Use Providers. This not only supports compliance with state regulations but also streamlines the purchasing process by allowing direct negotiation, bypassing the competitive bidding process, and significantly reducing the time to award contracts.

WorkQuest serves as a catalyst for employment, linking individuals with disabilities to meaningful and fulfilling career options. As a unique, private, non-profit corporation, we are committed to fostering an inclusive workforce. By investing in the State Use Program, WorkQuest has seen continuous growth, supporting over 6,400 individuals with disabilities in community rehabilitation programs (CRPs) in 2023 alone.

By participating in the Texas State Use Program, you are not only adhering to state mandates but also investing in a high-quality, efficient, and socially responsible solution that promotes diversity and inclusion. Join us in making a difference while streamlining your procurement process. Explore the unique benefits of direct negotiation and the assurance of quality services that the WorkQuest Program offers.

Discover how the Texas State Use Program can be the solution your organization needs for efficient, compliant, and impactful procurement.

Municipality/Political Subdivisions

Municipalities, school districts, and other political subdivisions in Texas have the flexibility to participate in the State Use Program under Section 122.018 of the Human Resources Code, allowing them to bypass competitive bidding processes.

Supporting the Mission of our State & Municipalities

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